Forget moving to Florida; one area retirement community is proving that the place-to-be for on-the-go seniors is right here in Northern Kentucky.

Down the road from I-275 in Taylor Mill, Spring Hill Village Retirement Community is a premier retirement community for those over 55 years old.

Two bedroom duplex-style homes have a private entrance, personal garage, outdoor patio, and fully equipped kitchen and laundry room.

According to Spring Hill Village sales vice president Kathleen Steffen, the community is the ideal place for lively seniors who want to live in a neighborhood without the day-to-day upkeep of a traditional home.

Like other condominium-style developments, residents pay a monthly homeowner association fee that covers services including garbage pickup, snow removal and lawn care. Unlike most condos, though, repairs and replacements of all furnished appliances are also covered.

“You live in one of our homes just like you would live in a normal home, except you don’t have to maintain it,” Steffen says. “You just have to pick up the phone and everything is taken care of.”

That means fewer worries for residents.

Spring Hill Village is owned by the Masonic Homes of Kentucky, a nonprofit organization that operates two other Kentucky retirement communities — one in Shelbyville and the other in Louisville.

The newest of the three campuses, Spring Hill Village, opened its doors in 2003.

“From an operational standpoint, part of the excitement surrounding Spring Hill Village is that it is a new development and it’s just for independent seniors,” CJ Parrish, chief communications officer for the Masonic Homes of Kentucky, says. “It’s a freer environment than our other properties and it has been a lot of fun to develop.”

Spanning 25 acres of rolling hills near downtown Cincinnati, the property that became Spring Hill Village was donated by Luther Feltman, who gave the land to the Grand Lodge of Kentucky, an organization that supervises Masonic lodges throughout the state.

Spring Hill Village’s community center, called the Feltman Community Center, is dedicated to him. It features a fitness facility, library, catering kitchen, and additional accommodations for residents’ overnight guests.

“Really, the community center is just an extension of our residents’ homes,” Steffen says.

She says what best defines the warm atmosphere of Spring Hill Village is the strong sense of community between residents, balanced with a sense of privacy added by the independent, neighborhood-style housing.

“The best compliment I hear is when a resident says ‘Ever since I moved in I’ve felt like I’m on vacation’,” she says. “That seems to be a shared feeling amongst the seniors here.”

Residents are free to exercise, socialize, and even catch a fish or two in the neighborhood’s stocked lake.

“We’ll continue to look at new ways to serve our residents with services that make sense to the Spring Hill Village lifestyle as well as the surrounding community of Taylor Mill,” Parrish says.