As winter sets in, the daylight gets sparser and one’s mood, like the sky, can often stay a bit gloomy and overcast. One way to mitigate the doldrums of the colder months is to update the lighting in your home with new fixtures.

Northern Kentucky homeowners have been able to rely on A&S Electric in Erlanger and its large showroom featuring a wide array of the most current style and trends in residential lighting for the last half-century.

Kyle Smith, vice president and outside salesman at A&S Electric and a member of the third generation of Smiths to run the company, points out that many of the showroom’s employees have been a part of the business for 10 years or more. As such they provide a special level of expertise and familiarity that Northern Kentucky residents can’t get at chain home improvement retailers.

One of the top trends in home lighting that Smith points out is the versatility of LED lights, the price of which has gone down significantly over the last few years.

“They’ve really become the way to go,” he says. “They’re affordable, they last and they save you money every time you turn them on.”

Stylistically, LED options also provide more interesting ways to light parts of a home. The long-lasting diodes are smaller, allowing subtle accent and spot lighting in areas where traditional screw-in bulbs could never fit.

“You can hide an LED tape light in the little nook behind a cabinet and light up just as much as you would with an under-cabinet fixture,” explains Smith.

The winter certainly lends itself to indoor remodeling, presenting an opportunity to spruce up your kitchen, bathrooms or living areas. Smith notes that some of A&S Electric’s wintertime best-sellers are ceiling fans and wall sconces, which can cast these rooms in a new light.

Beyond just brightening up your home in different way, LED lights can help offset the cost of heating the house in the winter—LEDs use about 15% to 25% of the power their incandescent counterparts do and, thus, put less strain on your monthly utility bill.

“It’s huge,” Smith says. “You change over a whole house to LED, it might hurt your wallet at first but you’re going to see [savings] in the first energy bill.”

The long lifespan of LED diodes also largely eliminates spending on replacement bulbs. In addition, Smith points out hidden benefits such as the fact that LEDs don’t give off heat like traditional light bulbs, putting less strain on your air conditioning in the summertime.

Whether Northern Kentucky homeowners are planning an interior remodel or just wanting to brainstorm new lighting solutions, Smith and A&S Electric are a great resource with their 50 years in the region and vast industry expertise.

“We pride ourselves on being able to help a customer and knowing exactly what they need even if they don’t know what they need,” says Smith, adding it helps a lot to make smart purchases the first time instead of finding the best lighting through trial and error.