Happy New Year from the Kenton County School District. Students across the Northern Kentucky region are blessed to have very good school systems and high expectations for leaders, staff, students and community members are a thread of continuity we share as educators. 2020 promises to be an exciting year in the Kenton County School District due to the approximately 2,000 outstanding team members serving our kids daily. It is imperative that our team members embrace innovation to ensure all students are in a world-class learning environment each and every day—now is the time to commit to self-collective efficacy to continue to move our district forward for all kids.

As we prepare to educate our students in the upcoming year, we have asked our staff these questions: Is every kid receiving a world-class education in the district? Is every child being equipped for transition readiness to ensure they are ready for the 21st century economy? Are we thinking and acting innovatively for all students? What does current research tell us about ensuring every child is equipped for success? Do we make sure that every child has a relationship with an adult in each and every school they attend?

From the moment students walk through our doors for preschool to the moment they walk across the stage at graduation, it is our job to prepare them for the future. All students need a mentor in their schools; that’s why building relationships is something so critical to maintain throughout their public education. Providing a multitude of activities so students can be involved and feel connected with meaningful participation is a goal we strive to accomplish. To build a world-class learning environment means allowing students a variety of ways in which to achieve success. The Kenton County School District has college and career pathway opportunities for all students as they prepare to leave our schools and continue their educations and/or enter the workforce.

It is vital that we continue to support and learn from each other as we grow and reflect throughout each year. It’s a new year with a fresh promise for each student in our region. The Kenton County School District will continue to work together as a team to attain and reach our district goals of providing a world-class learning environment for all students. And, by doing so, we will create a community and region of stronger, more compassionate learners. Cheers to the triumphs 2020 brings for all students across the Northern Kentucky region.