Keeping the Pests Away

 Keeping the Pests Away

The Perfection Pest Control team. The company’s office is located in Union.

Perfection Pest Control works with homeowners to keeps bugs and rodents out of the house

As temperatures cool, people aren’t the only ones looking to spend more time inside the house—pests like spiders, stink bugs and mice are also looking for a way in.

“Just because it’s cooling down doesn’t mean that the bugs are going to go away,” says Tim Leatherman, president of Perfection Pest Control.

Luckily, combatting these problems is what Perfection Pest Control specializes in. Voted Best Exterminator in NKY this year, the company assists homeowners with a variety of issues, from ants and cockroaches to mice and bats. The company does this by creating customized pest extermination and exclusion plans that best fit the needs of the customer.

“You’ve heard of the people that are door knocking right now that come in and say we’ll do quarterly service at this price and they’ve got a set thing,” he says. “If you want us to do one time, we’ll do one time.”

Leatherman, who has 40 years of experience, founded Perfection Pest Control in 1998. The Union-based company only has 10 employees, but it’s been designated a QualityPro company since 2004, a designation only 3% of U.S. pest management companies have received.

In addition to its targeted treatment plans, Perfection Pest Control also prides itself on its thorough inspections. Leatherman points to a recent inspection he performed.

“Today I want out on a bat call. I got down out of the attic and the guy said, ‘The guy that was here before didn’t event go up in the attic.’ I said, ‘Well, then how is he going to take care of the bats if he doesn’t go up in the attic? Without seeing what’s going on?’” says Leatherman.

As we head into fall, Leatherman says he looks at specific things during an inspection. To be properly sealed—what Leatherman calls pest proofed—window frames should be sealed and no plantings should be touching the house.

“Bugs will use those as a bridge to get into your house,” he says.

Signs pointing to you possibly having mice include noises and chewed over food. Leatherman says people should be making sure to clean under their refrigerator and stove as they’re areas that are easily forgotten.

To check for possible wildlife issues, Leatherman say he checks the gutters, which animals can chew through, and any vents.

“I recommend to people that they walk around the outside of their house because a lot of people don’t see the outside of their house unless they mow the grass,” he adds.