Open House Exclusive: Keeping It Classical

 Open House Exclusive: Keeping It Classical

Covington Latin School has maintained its high standards during COVID-19

While the coronavirus has impacted schools across the country, Covington Latin School, located at 21 E. 11th St. in Covington, Kentucky, hasn’t missed a beat.

Covington Latin School’s classical education has been synonymous with gifted education even in the midst of the pandemic.

“Early on, we recognized that we needed to address the individualized needs of our gifted students by maintaining the rigor, social engagement and routine they need,” says Amy Darpel, director of admissions.

Covington Latin is continuing this approach by offering in-person and synchronous learning opportunities for students in the Cincinnati area, as well as across the Midwest and east coast.

“We are so excited that our unique synchronous program has attracted bright and talented students from as far away as Eastern Kentucky and Texas,” says Darpel.

By focusing on the needs of gifted students, Covington Latin separates itself from others in the region in that students are encouraged to move at the pace and complexity that best fits their educational needs, making grade skipping an option for those looking for a more challenging curriculum while surrounding themselves with like-minded peers. Acceleration and individualized education are encouraged for every student.

Covington Latin’s classical education philosophy has evolved to not only teach students how to think, speak, write and read critically but support their social emotional needs as well. Because gifted students are unique, CLS’s Whole Child Initiative facilitates the development of the students’ social and emotional needs through guidance, study skills classes and the school’s approach to homework. Covington Latin’s modern approach also incorporates a 1:1 technology program and computer science classes. Students are also encouraged to develop leadership and time management skills by participating in a wide variety of sports and extra-curricular activities—”Over 85% of our students participate in our no-cut sports program and 100% participate in at least one of our 25 clubs and organizations,” says the school.

Even with the multiple types of learning, Covington Latin boasts a student/teacher ratio of 16:1. CLS is hosting an Open House on Dec. 6 starting at 12:15 p.m. Reservations are required to allow for social distancing. Families will have the opportunity to meet current families and hear from the students and faculty. Individual family tours and a virtual Open House are also available.